Newsletter: January 2024

While I’m trotting around these beautiful islands of the Philippines, I wanted to take a minute to spotlight the housing situation here. Buckle up for a journey through resilient living, a bit of a struggle, and how Habitat for Humanity is rocking the house – literally!

Fam Jam Living and Affordability Hustles: Okay, so in the Philippines, lots of families live together, not just ’cause it’s cozy but mainly ’cause getting a place of your own is like finding a unicorn – rare. Sharing spaces across generations is the name of the game, keeping the vibe tight-knit.

Girl Power in Home Buying: Ladies taking the lead! Guess what? 54% of homebuyers in the Philippines are women. Yep, women are owning it, making big calls, and smashing stereotypes. It’s all about that empowerment and financial flex.

Condos: Where It’s at! The housing scene is changing, peeps. Condos are like the cool kids on the block, growing faster than you can say “urban chic.” Modern living, sweet amenities – that’s the deal. It’s like saying, “Who needs a yard anyway?”

Reality Check: Subpar Housing Blues: But, real talk – not everyone’s living the dream. About 13.2% are in a tough spot, making homes in places you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy – crypts, graveyards, and even landfills. Time for a reality check on the tough side of things.

Habitat for Humanity: Changing Lives, One Brick at a Time: Enter the heroes – Habitat for Humanity landed in the Philippines back in ’88. In 2022, they rocked 950,870 lives! New builds, patches here and there, and making markets pop. Plus, 912 volunteers – real MVPs!

Wanna Pitch In? $5 Bucks Can Do the Trick: Here’s the scoop – your pocket change can make waves. Toss in a cool $5.00 US, and it’s like dropping a superhero bomb – $270 worth of impact for Habitat for Humanity. Slide over to Habitat’s donation page, hit “Designate your donation,” and tag it for the Philippines.

Let’s high-five for change, rock the generosity, and build not just homes but dreams in the Philippines.

John Fleming, Jr.
People’s Home Equity
Loan Originator | NMLS 1850409
(865) 745-5626