Newsletter: February 2024

February is in full swing and I hope the month has been good for you so far.

How did you fare for Valentine’s Day? Between the hearts and the flowers and the chocolate delights, did your sweetheart bring you the treat you were hoping for? I certainly hope so!

And how ‘bout Phil? That furry, fat whistlepig – yes, whistlepig is another name for groundhog. Other names include woodchuck, land beaver, and wejack. But I like whistlepig. Anyway, Punxsutawney Phil, the fat, furry whistlepig, did not see his shadow. And you know what that means. It’s official! Spring is right around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I could use some warm weather.

And why is that? Well, I got used to the beautiful warm weather of the Philippines. I hopped on a plane last month and took the long way to the Philippines. What a wonderful and welcoming country! The food was delicious, the people were gracious, and the sights were spectacular! But just like any other trip, there were some hiccups along the way. Let’s see, one of my flights was canceled, I spent more time than necessary on the west coast, and my friend landed in the emergency room. I just met each challenge head-on and with a positive attitude, and in the end everything worked out okay. Would I go back? You bet I would!

Now that I’m back in the good ole United States of America, and settled back into Knoxville life, it’s time to get back to work. But before I do that I’ve got some exciting news to share! Yours truly, Your Trusted Mortgage Expert has recently moved to a new company, and there’s more to offer than ever before!

I’m now with Preferred Rate, but don’t worry, I’m still in the same location. My office location is the same, and my phone number is the same. Just the name has changed, and of course I have a new email address, which is

So if most things stay the same, then why the move?

Well…I’ve always been a dedicated mortgage professional, helping people find and secure the best mortgage that allows them to achieve their home ownership dreams. And that will never change. With the move to Preferred Rate, though, I have an expanded array of resources and tools, and a broader network of lenders. That means I can offer a buyer an experience that is even more seamless and personalized.

Here’s just a few of my enhanced services:

  • Wider Range of Mortgage Options. I have access to a larger portfolio of mortgage products that meet the needs of most buyers. I have solutions for first-time buyers, buyers who are refinancing, and even investors, all tailored for their diverse needs.
  • Competitive Rates. A bigger, broader network of lenders means I can secure more affordable, competitive rates along with the best possible terms for every unique financial situation.
  • Personalized Guidance. This has always been my number one goal, and with my new resources I can provide an even higher level of individual attention.

I’m grateful for this transition, and I’m happy to be stepping into an exciting new chapter. I’m also grateful for your confidence. My promise is to continue the same level of excellence guiding buyers through the intricate and complicated mortgage process. I also promise to serve their families and their agents with the same level of care and merit I provided in the past.

It’s an exciting new time for me and I hope you’ll join me in this journey. Remember, if you have questions about a current mortgage or a new mortgage just give me a call. You can reach me at (865) 745 -5626.

So here’s to an early Spring, and as always…Let’s Mortgage!

John Fleming, Jr.
People’s Home Equity
Loan Originator | NMLS 1850409
(865) 745-5626