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Thanks for stopping by. About John Fleming, Jr....

John Fleming1

John Fleming, Jr.

Account Manager


John Fleming was born in a small town in Ohio named appropriately Sugar Grove.  A small village that makes the Andy Griffiths-Mayberry, look like a metropolis.  Raised on a 26 acre goat farm, John found his days busy with school, gardening, and chores.  John learned on that farm how to juggle many tasks and the value of never missing a step.

At the age of 16 John was blessed to attend a small community college, where he went onto obtain his degree.  After graduation, John moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  John spent 20 years living in Florida, but always longed to have a garden; and the desire to be outdoors, something almost impossible in the Florida Heat.

That all changed for John when he drove into Knoxville, Tennessee one weekend.  His weekend getaway ended abruptly when he had to return to St. Petersburg, because a hurricane Irma threatened his home.  While he was heading back into the state that everyone was fleeing he knew it was only a matter of time before he would call Knoxville Home.

In the Summer of 2019 John had made the move to Knoxville.  He is lucky enough to work with Marissa and Margo at Peoples Home Equity, two people he quotes as being “movers and shakers”.  John was excited to plant his first garden in the spring or 2020.  He reports the corn is ankle high, the tomatoes are green and his first strawberries were sweet.

John would be honored to help you with your purchase and refinance needs.  He dedicates the time and attention each client needs to grow into the right situation for them.  If John can help you, your family, or your friends please give him a call.  Let us bring you home!

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